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»Let him that would move the world first move himself.«


The main idea

yep! offers young people, between the ages of 18 and 25, from all over the world, the possibility to be part of a professional stage eurythmy production. What begins as a four month training and rehearsal period pans out into a major tour through german speaking countries, the Netherlands and Prague/Czech.

You have questions about life, are open to the world, interested in the arts, in anthroposophy and have a passion for new directions in eurythmy!
All your commitment and creativity is dedicated to one mutual aim: to work on a fresh, existential and awe-inspiring eurythmy performance which will be performed far and wide.

Experienced artists accompany you in the process. From the outset, you shall be involved in planning and conception, realisation of costumes, masks, light design, details of tour planning (e.g. PR work and organistation etc.), immersing yourself in all areas of such a project.

Be creative together

Delving into youth anthroposophy, choreography, music, painting and workshops on various subjects, discussions about the arts and life; will all merge into a fascinating performance piece. You will be a member of a team, curious about what eurythmy wants and what it can do in a contemporary sense. Top-notch visiting lecturers will give so-called 'theme weeks' on significant topics.s

Above all we will be pursuing new paths in the planning of a eurythmy programme. At the moment we are thinking of a commissioned contemporary work dealing with its own integral theme. Another work of interest with its varied and moving nature is D. Shostokovich's Piano Trio No. 2. From the classical era we can well imagine performing a Ludwig van Beethoven sonata. Since the Brothers Grimm were at home in Kassel and the region, we would like to stage a fairy tale in the form of a programme for children to be performed in Kassel as well as on tour.
On our »Introductory Weekend« on 17./18. May 2019 there will be opportunity to contribute your own ideas to the arrangement of the program.

The work with yep! can also be seen as period of orientation and a challenge in which you, with others of a similar age, 'try out' over a longer time span, in order to discover what you really want to do in life. Movement in thought and action, — that's what we want to make space for.
And beyond this; the creative processes, relating to the participants and accompanying artists in collaboration, bring to light basic qualifications which are fundamental to all work related situations, like creativity, awareness training, presence, team skills, endurance and much more.

Planning to study Eurythmy? By individual agreement with the place of training your participation in yep! can be brought to bear as onstage experience. Or with our recommendation you can begin your training in the last quarter of the first-year course. Or, as a newly-trained eurythmist you may find it appealing to gain experience through participation in our project as a volunteer.

And what else?

Although the rehearsals are very demanding, there should still be space for other activities. Kassel is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests. It is fascinating to uncover the tracks of The Brothers Grimm. The 'Documenta' town is home to an eclectic museum culture. Theatre, concerts and the Opera are outstanding.

We shall rehearse both on the big stage of the beautiful Anthroposophical Centre Kassel, where we shall also have our opening night, and in rooms at the Freie Waldorfschule Kassel. We will plan the daily rehearsal schedule together, do the shopping, cook and are also responsible for cleaning the rooms.

Accomodation for participants during the training and rehearsal period has been arranged through the project office. We have contacts with guest families who offer us cheap lodgings.
When on tour, we shall stay in guest families in the localities of our performances.

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