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yep! | Sonnhild Gädeke-Mothes und Aurel Mothes | Künstlerische Leitung

Sonnhild Gädeke-Mothes and Aurel Mothes

Artistic Directors

Sonnhild Gädeke-Mothes and Aurel Mothes know each other since studying together under Else Klink at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart, where they, already then, decided to work together.
There for many years, they were also members of  Else Klinks Ensemble. Major tours took them to the USA, Russia, Siberia and throughout Europe. At the same time, they worked in eurythmy training and gave further education courses. Intensive and independent working projects emerged, with artists from varying disciplines: eurythmy in dialogue with painting, acting and music.
Such was the formation of »Kaspar – er wahrlich liebte die Sonne«, diverse programmes of modern poetry »On impermanence« with harper Prof. Giselle Herbert and many more.
Running parallel to their artistic stage work, they also worked in education. Over the last twenty years they have produced large symphonic youth eurythmy projects with different orchestras; like: »Hebriden-Overture« (Mendelssohn), »Unvollendete« (Schubert), Peer Gynt (Ibsen/Grieg) 5. Piano concert (Mozart), 5. Symphony (Beethoven), Egmont-Overture (Beethoven), Cello-concert in C-Major (Haydn), Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin), Ballett- and Jazz-Suites (Prokofjew), Danzon Nr. 2 (A. Marquez), Pieces from »The Art of Fugue« (Bach), accompanied by the Vogler Quartett and much more.

Sonnhild Gädeke-Mothes and Aurel Mothes are founding members of the artistic team behind »What moves you« 2012 in Berlin. They have been managers of yep! young eurythmie performance associatioon since 2013. Eurythmy and youth eurythmy is for both, a lifes work.
yep! | Eckart Böhmer | Dramaturgie-Kurs

Eckart Böhmer

Dramaturgy course

Artistic director of the Kaspar-Hauser-Festival Ansbach, theatre director, speaker and author, was born in Santiago de Chile in 1966. Through his father's profession (lecturer at the Goethe Institute) his parents went to South America. France, Morocco, Germany and Brazil were to follow. After his studies in theatre direction he established his own theatre near Ansbach.

In 1998 he founded the Kaspar-Hauser-Festival, of which he is the artistic director. The aim of this cultural event is to recognize and appreciate the full circumstances concerning Kaspar Hauser so that he is presented in a worthy manner and to an appropriate extent. All arts and sciences concerned with the Child of Europe go hand in hand in this unique event.

Eckart Böhmer himself has staged ten of his own Kaspar Hauser productions. Beside directing theatre he is today in demand as a speaker far and beyond the German-speaking world.
yep! | Rudolf F. Gädeke | Kurs: Die Entwicklung der Anthroposophie im Lebensgang Rudolf Steiners

Rudolf F. Gädeke

Course »The Development of Anthroposophy in the Course of Rudolf Steiner's Life«

Born in Bremen in 1936. Training as a teacher for elementary and basic secondary school. Two years studying History and Philosophy in Tübingen. Training at the Christian Community Seminary in Stuttgart. Ordination in 1963, since then working as a priest in the congregations of Göppingen, Stuttgart, Munich. Married, three children.

A member of staff at the Munich Anthroposophical Centre. Lecturer at the Christian Community Seminaries in Stuttgart and Hamburg, at anthroposophic vocational training colleges and adult education centres. Main emphasis of his work: Anthroposophy in development, the life of Rudolf Steiner, the history of the Anthroposophical Society, the history of the Christian Community, Romanesque architecture, the first Goetheanum. Lecturing and various publications.
yep! | Julia Reingardt | Klavier

Julia Reingardt


The Pianist Julia Reingardt got her first musical education on the piano in her birthplace, Astana in Kasachstan. Thereafter she studied at the Music Academy Kassel under Professor Nikolas Posnjakov where, in 2000, she graduated with good success and received her degree in chamber Music.

She is a sought-after accompanist and pianist who is increasingly dedicated to song accompaniment and chamber music. In addition to her concert performances in various occupations she also works as an accompanist for choirs and eurythmy at the Waldorf School of Kassel. For many years she has held teaching positions at the University of Kassel and at other music schools.
yep! | Prof. Dr. Wilfried Sommer | Kurs: Phänomenologische Anthropologie und Performativität

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Sommer

Course: »Phenomenological Anthropology and Performativity – on the role of the body in the performing arts«

Born in 1967, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Sommer studied physics then completed the career changer programme to become an upper school mathematics and physics teacher for Waldorf Schools. His field of work is in the area where school and university meet. Since 1996 he has worked continually as an upper school mathematics and physics teacher besides being actively involved in teacher training within the German Association of Waldorf Schools since 1999. In 2005 he obtained a doctorate in the didactics of physics and since 2008 has held the chair in School Education with a focus on phenomenological teaching methods at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Alfter (near Bonn).

His research on "Teaching and Learning Physics: Performance Art Evoking Insight” combines phenomenological teaching methods with a performative approach, thus making aesthetic educational experiences the subject of discussion.
yep! | Dr. Rainer Patzlaff | Seminar: Magie der Sprache

Prof. Rainer Patzlaff, PhD

The magic of language: The elixir of life for the child - a means to power for politics

Dr. Rainer Patzlaff (b. 1943) worked for 27 years as a Waldorf teacher in addition to his multifaceted involvement in training Waldorf teachers and kindergarten teachers. He is internationally renowned by virtue of a rich activity of lecturing and publishing on educational and scientific topics.

In 2001 he founded the IPSUM Institute in Stuttgart (Germany), in order to counter the increasingly dire situation in early childhood through both advising parents and media educators and through research and public advocacy. Other branches of the IPSUM institute were founded in Munich and Kiel. In 2010 he was named professor and head of department in Early Childhood Education at the Alanus University (near Bonn), where he developed an undergraduate course in early childhood education with an emphasis on Waldorf education. In 2014, he retired as an emeritus professor.

The magic of language: The elixir of life for the child - a means to power for politics

The power of language is greater than most people imagine. Modern science has unearthed amazing findings that show that language is much more than a mere means of exchanging information: audible sounds require concealed but highly complex gesticulated movements of the muscles in the voice box, such that these delve deep down into the corporeality of the small child - unfolding a truly formative force in his or her organs, which change further at each step of the process. Modern science too gradually approaches an understanding of what Rudolf Steiner through Eurythmy made visible: Speech is an art of movement of the highest level, that children only very effortfully acquire.

Unfortunately, this happens ever less: there is an epidemic of speech impairments, which undermines the foundations of human communication. Therefore, it is of increasing importance to understand the hidden processes that work in adults and that demonstrably cannot be replaced with a mechanical speaker. The current course focuses on the miracle of language acquisition and its further development into adolescence. The resulting view of language development concerning the entire human being lies in stark contrast to the current "dictatorship of phrases" and leads over into a question concerning the future of language and how this will further develop itself.

yep! | Heike Pistorius | Buchhaltung

Heike Pistorius

Accounting and Taxes

Heike Pistorius is a founding member, board member and treasurer of yep! young eurythmy performance e.V. Her activities include: tax specialist, counseling services manager of a Wage Tax Association and Waldorf mother.
yep! | Stefanie Turba | Kassenwart

Stefanie Turba


Stefanie Turba was born in Gotha in 1983. Following her teacher training studies in Jena, she completed the supplimentary training course in Kassel to become an upper school Waldorf teacher. Since 2011 she has worked as a research assistant at the Lehrerseminar für Waldorfpädagogikin Kassel and has recently become a member of the board of directors and is responsible for the management of accounts of yep!
yep! | Steffen Hartmann | Kurse in Musik und Anthroposophie

Steffen Hartmann

Music and Anthroposophy courses

Steffen Hartmann, who was born in Freiburg in Breisgau in 1976, studied the piano under Karin van Buiren in Hamburg. He attended master classes under Elisabeth Schwarzkopf und Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau as an accompanist. He has worked intensively with the soprano Marret Winger. Together with Matthias Bölts he founded the Hamburg MenschMusik Institute in 2007, where new paths are being pursued in the training of musicians.

Steffen Hartmann regularly writes essays on fundamental questions concerning anthroposophy, meditation and music. With Torben Maiwald he established the publishing house Edition Widar where, among other books of his, ''Wege zum Geist'' (2012) and ''Von der Philosophie zur Anthroposophie'' (2013) were published. Furthermore he has been responsible for the Anthroposophical Society at Rudolf Steiner House in Hamburg since 2012.
yep! | Heike Kahl | Kostümbildnerin

Heike Kahl

Costume design

1983 – 86: Schooling as dressmaker/tailor
1988 – 91: Further education on The Fashion School of Dusseldorf with successful completion of state exams as a recognized fashion designer
1991 – 94: Design activity in the fashionable Coordinate area
Seit 1995: Independent designer with her own Retail shop

Heike Kahl is a founding member of yep!
yep! | Peter Jackson | Lichtdesign

Peter Jackson


Born in England, Peter Jackson moved to Holland when he was still a teenager and became involved in stage lighting there. He worked for a while in the Municipal Theatre of Arnhem and subsequently toured with drama and opera in Holland. During this time he was asked to design the lighting for Studio Hinderik's productions of "Glass", "Train" and "Sandpit". It was also in Holland where he came into contact with Werner Barfod and became involved with Eurythmy, the dance form created by Rudolf Steiner and has been lighting for all the world's main Eurythmy Ensembles ever since.

In 1989 he moved to Germany where he continued to work as a free-lance lighting designer as well as touring to many countries with the Eurythmeum Stuttgart. In 1995 he formed, with some colleagues, the company Prometheus Lighting. He was the lighting designer for Black Earth and in 2005 he toured in the USA with the New World Symphony tour.

He has recently worked for the Goetheanum in Dornach Switzerland where he designed the lighting for Rudolf Steiner's Four Mystery Plays, as well as many Eurythmy productions including 'Lamentate' for the co-production of the Goetheanum with the Eurythmeum Stuttgart. He recently designed the first German production of “Lend me a tenor” for the Musikalische Kömodie in Leipzig and also worked on the Spring Valley production of the Mystery Plays in the summer of 2014.
yep! | Moritz Meyer | Lichtdesign

Moritz Meyer


Born in Berlin in 1988, Moritz Meyer was a student at the Waldorf School Kreuzberg until his graduation in 2007. During school, he completed internships in the fields of drama and light design and worked at several theaters in Berlin. Since the end of his community service, he works as a freelance lighting technician and tours with various acting and eurythmie ensembles. He also supports other theater projects from schools, for schools and students, and participates in various Berlin theaters.