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How can I register?

Registration begins on 1. January 2019.
Registration closes on 30. June 2019.

(later applications only by phone)

Please to apply for yep! by sending us the following information:

Please send all documents by post to the following address:

Sonnhild Gädeke-Mothes and Aurel Mothes
Ahnatalstrasse 182
34128 Kassel

Costs and Payment methods

Your application will be made valid upon receipt of an application fee of 250,— EUR. Please assure that we receive both around the same time. Please give your name and »yep! Application fee« as a usage reference for transfers.

Account details for all payments:
Recipient: yep!
Bank: GLS Bank Bochum
IBAN: DE81 4306 0967 4050 6049 00

On receipt of the application forms and application fee you will recieve confirmation from us. Together with this you will also be invited to our »Introductory Weekend« on 17./18. May 2019. Costs for the weekend, including full board and lodging, are 80,— EUR.

All applications shall be processed in order of receival. After selection of participants, all other applications shall be put on a waiting list, in case of remissions. The yep! project leaders retain the right to cancel the project by 31st July 2019 in the case of there being too few participants. All application and participatory fees shall be fully refunded.

General Costs

The project shall be funded by many Foundations, private sponsors and friends. The income from the performances shall also pour into the total financing. This makes it possible to make the fee for the entire project, per participant, 1500,— EUR (250,— EUR per month). Included in this package are: application fee, course participation, rental costs for rehearsal spaces and costs of materials (e.g. costumes and props.)
Please note that the costs for the daily meals are not included.

We have the opportunity to organize accommodation with local families for you. The costs for this are between 150,— and 220,— EUR.

Participation fees can be paid in instalments. The sum total should be on the associations account by 31. July 2019. It is also possible to discuss an individual financing solution with us.

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